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Goodwood To Release First Rare Wood Bomber At Rare Wood Launch Party January 21!

SATURDAY | JANUARY 21 | 2PM-6PM We are very excited to announce the debut of our Rare Wood Series, an experimental series of our most elusive one-offs– including barrel-aged, imperial, and sour brews. Our Rare Wood Launch Party will feature 4 Rare Wood releases on draft, for the first time in Goodwood history, we’ll be releasing extremely limited 500ml (16.9 oz) bottles of Ruby Red Oz! RUBY RED OZ Ruby Red Oz is a port wine barrel-aged ale. The flavor starts with a light amount of acidic, salty tanginess and moves on to a slight bitterness and tannic mouthfeel, with notes of oak. With interesting nuances of spice and earthiness throughout, the dark fruit, port wine warmth shines through on the finish. This beer pours a ruby red/orange color with a sweet and grainy aroma. This is one unique beer, come by to get the limited edition 500ML (16.9 oz) bottles while they last! (6% ABV | AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY IN 500ML BOTTLES) RARE WOOD ON DRAFT Black Blood of The Earth- (12% ABV) Robust & Rich Imperial Stout. Scarlett Stout- (8.1% ABV) Wine Barrel Aged Stout. Java Black Blood of The Earth – (12%) Coffee Infused Imperial Stout. Big Fella- (9% ABV) Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout. The Rare Wood Program is geared toward showcasing all of the craft beer creativity Goodwood has to offer. So come by January 21st to try our private stash! We will be announcing Rare Wood releases numerous times a year, be on the lookout for these exclusive beers, available in limited quantities on draft and in 500ml bottles.

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